The God descends on the Earth: The Temple of Sri Rama in Ayodhya: A revolution in the Indian history – Kunal Roy

In the midst of this severe COVID-19 crisis and its robust clout on the millions on the earth, the time has ripened for the God to descend on this mortal globe. A revolution in the Indian history of religion as the crypt of the God is going to be set up amid pomp and splendour.
But things were not easy at the very outset of this tale. Years of struggle have actually aided to weave this success story. The legal web threads have been gradually unfolded to witness this day, that will forever remain etched in the soul of every true Indian.
It was in the last November, a legal proclamation was made that the temple of Sri Rama, the seventh incarnation of the Lord Vishnu will be set up in the disputed land of Ayodhya. A sense of unbridled hedonism crept in. Cheers knew no bounds and preparations began to take its root in the devotees’ heart! And after much toil, today the occasion of ‘Bhumi Puja’ was observed in the wee hours of the morning, accompanied by the utterance of the divine hymns to add a different hue of religious vibrance to the ambient air! The whole episode took place in the presence of the honourable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi. Modiji paid his visit at the famed Hanuman Temple of Ayodhya before visiting the site of the proposed Ram Temple construction to enjoy the occasion to the brim of his tepid heart!
A whopping sum of rupees one thousand crore will be spent for this holistic approach! The Garbhagriha or the inner realm of the temple will contain the deities of Sri Rama, Laxman ,Sita, Hanuman and Ganesha. Studded with the precious gems of variety will surely set an example on the significance of religion before the whole world!
Aldous Huxley in his short yet sharp essay penned that Religion is a luxury which the Indians cannot afford in any way. But at times, the equation changes, the vision differs and above all the perspective flunks to grab the reality behind the curtain. A nation like India where the lion’s share is below the poverty line and cannot manage even square meals a day, such a Himalayan expenditure is nothing but a mere wastage of the silver bucks! Poverty is ugly but ostentation is uglier.
A truth which came to the lime light in one of the mind boggling interactive sessions of the world wide reputed historian Sri Ramesh Chandra Mazumder. Any explanation?
( The views expressed are personal)
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