Sunday Poem By Dr. Hasmukh Mehta

Love & nature

Love Of Various Emotions
Nature’s Affection Towards Utility Resources of, Earth
this is how love and nature exists
and insists on the emergence of a harmony

Love and nature
it goes together
it gives a sense of humor
and belonging with an honor

love mushrooms
with the blossom of flowers
the natural instinct is watered with the arrival of rainwater
peace and stability reign everywhere

love suffers from desertion
nature offends on deforestation
love looks like a barren land
earth suffers from drought-like the end

if love is taken over by lust
there is a deficit of a trust
quarrels and separation takes place
humanity loses its face

Nature is otherwise very calm
and renders no harm
the moment you vitiate its beauty
it shows its worst fury

impurity in air and toxins in water
it takes a heavy toll on people, later
floods, incessant rain, and earthquakes
it brings havoc and shakes our faith.

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