T3 শারদ সংখ্যা ২০২২ || তব অচিন্ত্য রূপ || বিশেষ সংখ্যায় Dona Panda

Embracing Darkness

Darkness has always been slandered and defamed for its symbol of negativity.
That the darkness is needlessly infamous,
I feel the light is wretched.
Darkness completes sleep
But Light stings right in your eyes like a honey bee.
I can’t even write in the light
I can see words, letters, pen, ink, paper, everything but not emotions.
As if emotions cannot stand infront of light
Tears Don’t flow freely in the light
we hide our wounds from everyone
We make sure these wounds do not go to anyone’s eyes.
This wound, this pain resides in the dark
Free, fearless, fiery.

Turn off these lights now!
It’s not that I can’t sleep.
But light comes like an arrow and hits my eyes
The arrow which neither lets me sleep nor lets me stay awake.

I don’t want this wretched light
that works as a dream breaker
Which makes us realise within seconds of opening our eyelids
“Ahhh” Another dream of mine just got shattered into pieces again.

I like the night
The night even when the moon does not get scared of showing its scars.
As if it’s trying to tell us that scars should be cherished to make ourselves shine bright.

What is darkness?
Darkness is my truth
The condition of my room
The condition of my heart
Darkness is like a lost emotion like yesterday
But it’s dark today.

That sky is blue.
But this darkness is a disgrace
To those birds who were hit by the storm.
In the hope of returning back,
They broke down and came home again.
By becoming half
Or should I say that by becoming my lover’s promise!

Dark is special.
There is a lonely crowd of dreams
There is a sense of loneliness
As if Darkness and loneliness complements each other.

Darkness is like a small lonely child
Who doesn’t fear
A small abandoned child
Who is not afraid of falling and getting hurt
A small isolated child
Who is not afraid of the crowd
A small despondent child
Who does not fight with the arrow of light
While the arrow crosses right through her chest in the middle of her heart.
As if darkness taught her the meaning of courage

Ask me the need of darkness.
Darkness has a black heart in it’s chest
Which was not black before
It has turned black and the reason is that
It has learnt the way to love.

Ask me how pure darkness is
It’s same everywhere.
Look carefully at how clear the darkness is.
Darkness is true the way it is.
The way it is, it is better than light in any way.

People often say that you need light to see. Even your own shadow leaves you in the dark.

I say yes
I don’t need shadow in the dark
As I see exactly my true own self
In the mirror of darkness.
I see my true bits and pieces in the dark.
All the scars naked on my body
Dirty walls of the room remain dirty
Which we don’t need to paint.
But nothing remains hidden in the dark end.

Even in the light, it is coloured by the fake decency of a poor
No one has to hide passion in the dark.
No one has to remove the scars from the face
I am who I am in the dark
I don’t have to wear a mask!!

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