Sunday Poem By Dattatreya Datta

Dear death;

Dear death;
You are an uncertain,
an inevitable,
an unfathomable.
You are the destiny to occur
A great one!
You are the great achievement,
yet you are so ignorant!
You are the ultimate truth
of life,
yet you are so condemned!
You are the epitome of selflessness,
you provide justice to all souls; Equally.

Are you an undeciphered,
an unpopular lover of a Novel who puts everyone at the same dock?
Or, Are you a tragic hero of an unknown drama,
an infamous drama where everything is melancholic?
But, you seem the perfect epilogues of all epics.

Your approach is silent
Do come ringing the red bell,
You terrify me
Your gluttony terrifies me.
Do you enjoy devouring the souls?
Do you enjoy to intimidate?
Do you enjoy being so hated?
Many questions….
People say, you are the horror of a fantasy!
But, when people become tired hated themselves,
You embrace them wholeheartedly, give them solace
You complete the incomplete.
A perfect equal ending.
A perfect peace,
An silence.

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