Editorial – Sreetanwi Chakraborty

Travelling through the Pandemic-A reflection upon Time

Travelling through the pandemic has always been something more than a way of discovering disease, deaths, and rise in negativity. On the other hand, as the city slept, the pandemic ran through our veins slowly, and we understood how to differentiate between friends and foes. Even if we have not read about friends, we surely talked a lot about how the pandemic has estranged us from fellow human beings of our time. It is only in art and creativity then, that we took an instant refuge. Stories were created, pandemic poems got popular again, and the discourse of pandemic keeps on getting enlarged.
He city has changed during times; time travel has become easier now with homebound reflective ways taking cue to how to survive the next day. Pandemic has been one of the most potential causes that has taken us closer to nature, nurture- of our own, the selfies becoming more intricate as we take a stroll down the memory lane and attend a kind if superannuated life cycle once more.
Even amidst the pandemic it is art and poetry, stories and colours that sustain our lives, where in Sunday Talks, our writers have written about long distance love, relationships, hues of life, abstract coexistence of life, dreams, disasters and faith even when we seem to be in ruins. Dreams still foment, hopes are still raised and we keep on uttering in the darkest hours of the night how we combine a metaphysical chance and coincidence.
Happy reading! Wish all the readers a very happy toast to life, even as we keep on weaving stories amidst the pandemic! Write to me at Sreetanwi at Sunday Talks, mail at sreesup@gmail.com or techtouchtalk@gmail.com
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