Sunday Poem By Dr.Thirupurasundari C J (Dazzle)

“Bounce back”

An effigy tied,
A stick in the arm,
Mud pot tilted on the head,
A scare crow guarding the houses,
To avert the evil.
Here and there,
Superstitions aplenty,
Irrational beliefs,
Magical remedies to end the crisis,
Few absurd and funny,
Yet hurting too at times.
Headway in the world of science and technology,
Making giant strides,
Allow not the human race,
Get outsmart by certain superstitions.
The silent viral enemy intimidating our families,
Physical distancing,
More a non-pharmaceutical intervention,
Curbing the transmission chains,
Not allowing a new infection to pop-up,
Invigorate virtual connections within families
Wearing masks, a simple barrier,
Personal hygiene, frequent hand washing,
Cleaning or disinfecting often touched surfaces,
Critical preventive measures,
To flatten the curve.
Let all these find its place,
On top of the pile,
Befitting weapons to unleash against this pandemic.
Adapting and clinging on to new alternatives,
Be our new trend,
Rational thinking and analysis, the prime need.
Let education overcome evils in the society,
Hope awareness make us more efficacious,
Reiterate on fact-based decision-making,
Tune morally,
And foster happiness around,
Act responsibly!!
ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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