Poems – Sham Sundar Mondal

National Flag Does Have Five Dyes !

Stop that dotard, a great parrot of Joy Hind from his protest against a mistake
And let the child fly a false that National Flag has five dyes in the blank full scape.
Behold a majestic coffin lies between two fragile stakes, mom and dad’s dumb deck
None could bring rivers in the desert of the coffin-corpse’s sweet-soul’s rosy flake.
Not only mom, not only dad,not only Love
But a rivulet with soul full of promise to be sprouted whole
Have been dyed taking the silent syllables from you, black toll.
These dyes have come to no last, extended the brush to a soft heart of little dearest.
Only a soft syllable flew its wings, crying for milk,taking it’s nest on mother’s breast.
None but a lady, mother of a sacrificed soul came to soothe the child….
“Calm child, calm and see how great the National Flag” in a tone deep and mild.
And it’s strange in a moment the eye drops found no outlet
The child saw the dyed Flag wrapped in a big puppet.
The lady asked the child,” What colours have you seen, child.?”
The answer is like a child– green,blue,white, saffron, and red…..five die !
The lady murmured,” Five die, dad,mom,wife,
daughter and a little child !
And the colours– green,blue,white,saffron and a soldier’s blood ! ”
The lady pronounced in a glorious mother
..Yes child, National Flag does have five dyes.
…green,blue,white,saffron and a martyr’s dye.
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