Sunday High Five By Kunal Roy

The Home of God

I was simply walking on the soft grass,
The white flowers were swaying back and forth,
Out of sprightliness.
The clouds gave its gold,
to the departed sun of the sky!
The wayside pansies were born,
letting hasty glances pass by-

Nature had a plan,
a bit different from the rest:
Up rose the storm,
An upheaval was created,
I shriveled up,
I desired to protect myself
but in vain!
It took me on its darted tongue,
threw me,
left me in the lurch!
I cried,

I wept,
ended in a whimper!!
I floundered,
for a drop of water,
but was denied.
The heart skipped a beat,
the lamp was blown out,
yet the soul didn’t lose its lustre,
its radiance followed!!
It was the HOME of God:
I tasted the ethos of elixir!!

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