Sunday Poetry By Supatra Sen

Lost Stories

The centurion home
Crumbling walls, shattered panes
Giant cracks gaping crevices
Fading colours, creaking doors
Housing stories
None will know
The child-bride of nine
Dolls and playhouse
In her alien world
Deceiving time
The lonely widow
Her back to light
The mighty texts
And endless nights…
The man
Never at rest
From pillar to post
In unending quest
The senior father
A man of nerve
For the likes of him
All a mirage
The young nephew
Always on the run
Money, fame and love
All or none
And the bespectacled girl
Dreaming big
Of standing tall
Without fear of fall
So much for repair
Yet abundant lost
Colours refreshed
Stories gone…
Most replaced
Some survive
The precious outlive
As the soul immortal
In a transient life
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