Sunday Poem By Soumen Roy

Palanquin Bearers

Palanquin bearers sing the gracile
Swinging notes sick at heart woven in a smile
Bridal alta over the aristocratic threshold
A child of innocence imprints the first script on the door.
Blew the conch shell at the edge of dusk and dawn
The yawning sun sets blushing in crimson
Peeps the moon from its misty veil
Vermilion myths enwraps a sagacious sail.
Enticing adorn over flowerbed grace
Gift of love with a smile on face
Sworn in lurch balancing the hopes and dreams
Floats the trust with fear and smile on the lips.
Juggling keys sways in frolic
Hopping anklets trips the delight
Cheerful bangles pouring exuberant glee
Smile of mother sways with her lullabies.
Streaks of silvery hair yet lovelorn
Giggles forlorn
Lost among the faces awaits the never ending wait in the lawn
Bending over the stick with hoping keys left abandoned.
Journey of yards in between gates
Sings the palanquin bearers decades after decades
Humming the sonorous with melancholic stressors
Bearers of fates sings fortune, the palanquin bearers.

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