Quick bite – Siyona Kanjilal

Success of life

Once upon a time there was a little girl, her name was Siyona. She was a very intelligent girl but she never used her brain but she loved chocolates very much. Since she never used her brain that’s why her parents were very much disappointed on her. One day her parents decided to take a test of her brain so they made a puzzle for her to solve. Then they called Siyona and said that if she could solve the puzzle then they would give her plenty of chocolates. While hearing about chocolates she started to solve the puzzle. When she could finish the puzzle then she realised the enjoyment of using the brain properly then she told her parents that they do not have to give her chocolates anymore because she enjoyed it. From then she used her brain everywhere and so she got success in life. She grew up and got success everywhere in life thereafter.
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