Celebrating Poetry Beyond Borders

Celebrating the chaotic stillness of poetry beyond borders is fun! Celebrating the poetic peregrinations across geographical locales, time, space, cultural paradigms give rise to motivation of some sorts altogether. The lazy, labyrinthine afternoons quell the last few strands of gray hair sticking to the cuticles of a day, as the evening Sun on Saturday descends into the distant horizon. Here comes a poetic Sunday, something greener shooting through the veins of tumultuous lines, a large hibiscus, a dandelioned-wintry-morning, congealed with the sonorous effects of the cranberried Sunday Talks, stained with the multiple colours, tastes, figures, moments from life, art in existence, and nostalgia in poetry.
This week, in ‘Sunday Talks’ we present a galaxy of poets from India and abroad. Do borders matter or not, remains a lurking question, although the insatiable thirst for penning down the poetic effervescence transports our Sunday reading to another level altogether. Let us celebrate poetry in peace, love, sincerity, in understanding how to hold hands in calamities. Come readers, let us rejoice and delve deeper into the unknown quest for what is the known and what remains to be unknown. The illuminating vivacity is all ours today, as the lines of our Sunday stars take you to a meteoric journey into weaving a divine cosmic music for your ears.
Send in your stories, poems, artworks, creative ideas to Sreetanwi at ‘Sunday Talks’. Mail me at sreesup@gmail.com / techtouchtalk@gmail.com
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Sreetanwi Chakraborty

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