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Her Question of Prerogative

Do you know the importance of 8th March of every year? Perhaps your reply will be tinged with a grain of positivism. Yes! the day stands on its own feet to proclaim with solemnity the degree of magnitude of the woman’s status or position before the eyes of the International realm. In brief, “The International Women’s Day’ that cordially invites countless tiny ripples of mere felicitations and greetings! But as soon as the ‘day’ bids us au revoir its importance ceases, resembling the receding mandalas!
The reason is perhaps not unknown to the male thrashing society. As the famed yet much controversial author Taslima Nasreen points out with a dash of elan in a premier show of ‘Jhumur’ an important ingredient of the male counterpart. The story incorrigibly narrates the infidel ingredient of the protagonist of the serial. She always opines, “Out of 365 days, only this day is celebrated as the women’s day, while the rest belongs to the domain of the gruff masculine”. Really perfect in every spirit.
But this subtle nuance is not always that much true as it often claims to be. Please do not misunderstand me! Rich’s highly thought provoking feminism is distinctly exemplified in her poem ‘Aunt Jennifer’s Tiger’. The poem has profoundly dealt with Aunt Jennifer who actually symbolises the position of the woman in the past and how her position has periodically changed as the times fly away to some distant, unknown, unexplored land.
Undoubtedly our society had rather worn an uppish attire with an ill motive of turning the biologically weaker sex more weak. But at this very context, the scenario has undergone a sea change. Females of today have ably recognised their strength, power and potency. They have nurtured an unshakeable aplomb to boost up others, especially the women residing in remote villages.
This sheer, awe- inspiring reflection has purely changed her boon into bane. If slightly looked into or explored, we can easily listen to the change of tunes, disrupting the chord of harmonium recklessly! ,The liberty (unmingled with discipline) rendered to them is not only enduring its indiscriminate use but feels pity on them who were entrusted with the onus of upholding it in all its true colours.
It is whole heartedly admitted that days have changed. Their dimensions too. But that cannot permit a woman (who is believed to be the strongest avatar of Shakti) flaunt herself in a way that totally strangles her chastity, that was the one and only sacred weapon of the women of the great epochs- Ramayan and Mahabharata. Her outfits have declined her status in the society. Yet she doesn’t budge a single inch! She thinks she is independent in both socio- economic and socio-political terms. There is none in the world who can diagnose and cure her ‘frayed’ psychology. This string of thoughts poses a menace to each and every posterity. But who will make her comprehend this?
Her tender heart which can serve as a ‘healing touch’ is gradually melting into a hard, volcanic rock. She has an instinct of womanhood, but she quashes it! Really bites!
Who will shoulder the onus? The orientalists or the western people whom we always tend to follow religiously, keeping our cultural tradition at bay!
It is apt to quote the words of Tagore,” নারীকে আপন ভাগ্য জয় করিবার কেন দিবে নাহি অধিকার”। ( Why will you not allow the woman to conquer her own destiny?) But this ‘destiny’ will only unlock its iron gates if the ‘correct action’ adorns her. Any explanation?

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