Sunday Poetry Special By Dr. Hasinus Sultan

Because I love you

Because I love you
there still blooms
a blood-red hibiscus
in my heart
whacks of the axe
chopping hearts
of the young trees
snatch sleep
of my cosy furniture
odour of the uprooted
wafts across
my flower vases;
on the podium
of freedom-craving
exotic fish in the aquarium
gulf between
the exploiter and the exploited
stirs a storm of protest.
Because I love you
the unclothed children
of the naked city
frolic in my hope’s footpath;
they like stars
shine in the reverie
of my skyey love,
their starry eyes
twinkle through
the thick clouds;
free birds
sing of the dreams
of a million stars;
starlit dreams celebrate
the gleaming light.
Because I love you,
in my heart’s pavilion
there still is the carnival of
motley clots melting into
one sublime blood;
rhythms of the feet
dancing together trample
the archaic laws of hatred.
Oh love!
Look! look at the flourish
of trumpets unto the horizon!
Listen! listen to the clarion call
for equality and amity from
the vast field rocked by
the long-drawn war
between luxury and labour!

You know my love
the truth is
lost as I am in all this
perhaps I haven’t
told you as yet
what in truth is
the depth of love, and
why, why I miss you so much
even as I exist in your heart!

And yet
in my heart of hearts
I feel the flames of your love.
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