Of the merrier, red-velvet, real days: Christmas Calligraphy on Sunday

I distinctly remember how to rekindle the red-velvet, dream-like morning sunshine cajoling my Sunday cup of coffee. Amidst the great tornado that the pandemic created, we have also been too keen on celebrating forms of art, poetry, music, the lilting rhythms of the mindscape and the soul that is waiting to be raisin-kissed and Christmas-healed. And here we are! Sunday Talks brings in a galaxy of wordsmiths today, who create, visualize, celebrate, rekindle life and resurrect the essence of life! Sunday mornings are never the same, with honey-glazed Decembers in Kolkata silhouetted beyond the veils of an enigmatic silence. We come with a promise to hold hands, in times, across tides, celebrating a confluence of LIFE!
Christmas interweaves stories, memoirs and moments in the serpentine lanes of the city, across the metropolitan desires, the love for forms, shapes, lights, illusions and opacity that become pregnant with multiple channels of interpretation. We still try to hold on to the tipsy turrets of life, in a non-methodical, unadulterated way to fill out the finest dregs of our creativity and imaginative splendour. Our writers present here a bouquet of human emotions, amidst the fun and frolic of Christmas they carry on with the constant tough task of reimagining ourselves as better human beings perhaps! This is what the need of the hour is. Peace, poetry, positivity- do we need to say more?
Wishing a very happy Christmas to all the readers of Sunday Talks. Send in your entries to us for new year. Mail me at sreesup@gmail.com / techtouchtalk@gmail.com


Sreetanwi Chakraborty 

ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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