Poems – Sarthak Mishra

Journey of life

This world is a wide stage set for us
And on it we all have a part to play
Roles which came into this world with us,
The roles in which we have no say.
There’s oft a tussle ‘twixt the brain and heart
When one chooses a path for the journey of life,
Each of our steps must be measured correct
For our fates stand balanced on the edge of a knife.
The times are dark, living is tough
Death runs rampant on the street,
Fight we shall till all is lost
And with a smile the Reaper we greet.
Enroute we make a great many comrades
An equal number of foes as well,
Beating all odds we have to reach our goals,
And this is it my friend…. our life in a nutshell.
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