Storytelling sessions and trends: Benefits during the lockdown

During lockdown, there has been a series of webinars that are very specifically directed toward telling stories, weaving thoughts and carrying out the benefits that online oral and aural sessions do provide. Listening to story contests, going through the rhetoric of story-narration and highlighting characters, this has already been very popular and the same applies to people even today. Radio stories, story sessions from online portals conducted at home of the store-tellers, and finally stories that reach out to us from different regions of the country, and even beyond, are some of the processes that are useful in generating the best possibilities to the learners, the late learners, the students, teachers and literally, everybody. In fact, live storytelling sessions have been some of the most popular ones, and now, with the online boom, stories create, and they generate the additional curiosity that we had in the oral-formulaic tales of the historical ages.
STORIES: Across nations, in the world of corona culture, amidst the boom of the online harvest of creativity, stories have not lost hope altogether. Human relationships, social messages, surrounding features that are well-integrated to the lives and times of a nation are all connected and sent across to people. Stories tell, stories create, stories narrate, stories keep secrets, stories let out secrets and stories give birth to more stories.
This Sunday Talks, spread across the wings of imagination by going through some of the best stories told through poetic lines.
Readers, writers, lovers of literature and art, please send in your stories, poems, and other creative pieces for Sunday Talks at techtouchtalk@gmail.com / sreesup@gmail.com
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Sreetanwi Chakraborty

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