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Religion, Faith and Optimism-Sunday Sojourn

We talk and wax eloquent about the secular ideals that are so very deeply embedded as part of our constitution. Amidst the riotous invasion of the pandemic, we are still trying to hold on to the last remnants of what is called ‘life’. It is not the Eid, Muharram, the Parsi New Year or the Ganesh Chaturthi or even the Vishwakarma Puja that we celebrate, but what we look forward to, is something called receiving the tune of life back. Yes, even when the negativity of whether to live, how to live, how and when to move forward strikes us contemptuously, we still celebrate the blessings of the Almighty.
It is true that only hope and religious tolerance cannot be the only anodyne especially when we consider the large-scale and amassed wealth concentrating on belief, religion, disbelief and faith. The socio-political and rigorous economic impact of celebrating secularism is quite known, but added to that is also the interesting dynamics of faith. While going by the tenets of the Holy Bible, it would come to our mind that hope means a strong and confident expectation of future reward. What is rewarding is that optimism, faith, spirituality, if contrived as a whole can really create a great and advanced nation.
Now, here we come with this Sunday’s Sunday Talks edition, where our poets, writers and artists talk about weaving optimism through words and silhouette of sentences and emotions. Sometimes it is about waiting, or about a simple recollection of a tree, sometimes only a pensive recollection of trouble in mind, of the windswept golden seabeach or of hymns sung in prisons. Variety, contemporaneity and dedication to play with shuffling words and sentiments-this is where we present our modern poets and writers this Sunday.
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