Unveiling Love, Life and Poetic Sublimation: Celebrating an Ode to Poesy

This ravishing Sunday morning is surely going to be extremely special yet again. As the natural jubilance in the air gets almost an unfathomable ‘puja’ turn, with splash of riotous colours in the city landscape, our writers and Sunday enthusiasts at Techtouchtalk again start adorning the palettes of creativity in soothing creative colours. It is true, as we travel to the 20th of September 2020 today, we celebrate the coming birthday of one of the most famous Indian poets, an essayist and editor, Prabal Kumar Basu. Reconnecting the sublimation of modern poetry with hues of subjective ideation on nature, love, cities, wandering and interjections between the fine lines of poetic art, Prabal has always been experimenting with what we call the fresh, new, experimental features of Indian poetry.
Seldom do we find such a well-integrated narrative in terms of collating disparate images and segments in modern poetry, as we found in his poems. It is the very subtle instance of what is said that remains confined in a nutshell, than what gets said or blurted out:
“I have said a lot
Just before sunset
So much was not necessary
Folks might get me wrong…”( “Spoken Words” from As I Wander Along)
It is almost a kaleidoscopic presentation of numerous realities, alternation of poetic exuberance, moods, simplification of love, human living, emotions and an imaginative journey that invites us as we glide along the smooth wings of Prabal Kumar Basu’s enriched poetry.
Dear friends, as we celebrate another Sunday again, let us go through some of the best creative flights of imagination.
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Sreetanwi Chakraborty
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