Of days of love and lovedays: Sunday Talks and Valentine’s Day

There were at least three different possible ways in which I tried to demarcate how to introduce today’s Sunday Talks. The rudimentary aspects that were to be considered as part of a love narrative, or something that was inextricably linked to the days bygone, emotions that were congealed after separation or love that looked beyond boundaries! Romanticizing this day and making it sound like a cliche has been part of a common communicative aspect all throughout the years, and yet how this day still lingers on with its sweet and charming grace.
This week, we have a bouquet of write-ups, Valentine’s Day poems, letters, prose pieces, artworks, that celebrate the course of love, relationships, waiting, longing, muffled moments and signature tunes that play in the background to usher in the concept of humanity. In the tough and tumultuous times, what else can be the best solace that we can have! Our writers have dabbled in vernacular forms and studies, and we can find their emotional and sentimental repercussions even in the vernacular language, so from vernacular to international, we present love in myriad forms. Sometimes the phase of love is dusky, sometimes, it is bright and dazzling, sometimes, our writers have concentrated on the love of natural forms to express their love. When we talk of embracing humanity, or to show care, affection, surprise and love even through silence, what more potent assistance can be there, other than the pen!
Let us celebrate love in all hues today, and enjoy this invigorating journey across time, space, borders, boundaries. Let me not sound too prophetic, but let us make the world a better place to live in 2021, with the concept of LOVE!
Send in your write-ups for Sunday Talks to Sreetanwi at techtouchtalk@gmail.com / sreesup@gmail.com


Sreetanwi Chakraborty

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