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Looking back at the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, killings and massacre has never been easy. There has been a flurry of contentions regarding the whole new range of poems, creative writing, versions of short stories and reflections on the exiled ideas of how to either recuperate from the vehement mental oppressions of the state, and on the other hand, how to embrace normalcy. It is not about going back to the pages of history or to re-live the containment zones that still remain not as part of the pandemic, but as part of history, but to initiate formal, unorganized, non-Rhetorical way of practicing a newer idea of how to deal with the concept of trauma altogether.
Hiroshima and Nagasaki emblematize not just a phase but a very intricate and much-argued zone of revoking the principles of loving in the times of devastation and pandemic, loving in poems, loving amidst what we call the cruellest principles of politics. It will be appropriate to quote from Paul Ham’s book called Hiroshima and Nagasaki where he writes:
“Peace in Europe was at hand. The destruction and unconditional surrender of Germany were imminent; Japan’s defeat would assuredly follow…” and then it goes on.
Everything gets documented under this discussion. This week, our writers at ‘Sunday Talks’ explore, problematize, scurry through and open new vistas about Hiroshima Nagasaki, illusions and reality about pandemic and population mentality, poems of love, colours, separation, and reflective pieces that celebrate art, fancy and moody mornings.
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