About the Icarian flight and the shelter

It is that Icarian flight that counts for itself, amidst innumerable days, months, years and moments. Right from that instance when the little bird learnt how to fly, how to walk, how to soar, the chemistry between the shelter and the sky changed. From the bark of the tree, to its branches, the rustling leaves and the blossoming flowers in the season, the little bird started appreciating small steps of soaring in victory, moving from one branch to another, shifting from one trunk to another. The Icarian flight of imagination had not been well-established even at that time. But the bird was eager to fly, beyond the known horizon, leaving its shelter.
This is exactly where we find the perfect collaboration between the art, life, shelter and the flight beyond the shelter that creates numerous gaps, gasp, crevices and interjections about the little bird and the shelter from which it flew. This is just about the start of the Icarian flight that the bird undertook against all odds, and now, the imagination and the freedom of confidence continues. The sun is far away to reach. The birth and narration of the Icarian dream is full of wishes and hopes and they continue for the rest of the bird’s life.
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Sreetanwi Chakraborty

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