Sunday Poem By Rakesh Chandra

The Old Man and His Wisdom Pearls

Look at the deep furrows, my darling,
On my forehead, etched by the
Hands of Time, and think about the
Future, as the present will be merged into
Past, very soon;

After a long and arduous journey of
Life, I have seated myself into the
Cosy lap of mother earth, surrounded by
Nature, to inhale the fresh air and to
Brood upon the meaning of life;

My wizened face bears the testimony,
That the life is a mix of good and bad;
It hurts many a time and offers,
Pleasantries at her own chosen moments;
What you need to learn is to take
Both of them in equal stride;

I wish you to be a strong woman,
Who will inspire the people around,
And face the life as It comes to you;
And in the meantime, you have
To blossom into a flower, full of fragrance
Bedecked with enchanting beauty and
Charming innocence!

So. tread on the course of life, my darling
Gingerly, with an ever-smiling countenance.

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