About the new normal, new year 2021

The year that was in Sunday Talks, the year where we are heading to! Sunday Talks has been one of the most active platforms in inculcating what we call freedom of creativity in the truest sense of the term. Amidst the viral outbreaks, toxic, depressive modes of living that embraced our lives for a long time, Sunday Talks suspended all early speculations about how poetry, stories, moments from people’s lives could enliven our spirits. Nothing was perfect in the moth-eaten landscapes of time, no hazy, blurred picture of old-school smiles could revive us, but we all stood together amidst all odds!
There were multiple creative reflections, silhouetted in the bylanes of the city, there were storms in tea cups, rudderless creative ships in the oceanic blaze of Sunday mornings, winters seemed jittery at times, sultry summers and light-embedded days called for a morsel of line to be enjoyed with every coffee cup. Sunday Talks treated afternoon siestas with a touch of vintage Kolkata, half-lit, half-concealed beyond the veil of a delicate certainty that love was still a fantastic image to cling on to.
This New year also, we present to our readers a bouquet of poems, reflections, thoughts and Sunday palette to make the year more special. Send us your write-ups at sreesup@gmail.com/ techtouchtalk@gmail.com
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Sreetanwi Chakraborty

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