Poetry – Suchetana Biswas


And hark! Bring me the cemetery roses,
I beg thee, blameless ataraxy swaddled,
cemetery roses in the name of incorrupt body, but no ungraceful city roses, burdened with fraud stares
Bring me sweet fall , which I’m ready for
Deny I : hoarie winter has unseen deceit blend.
Merry you? O dear October!
It’s been nineteen years; I see you through me,
No firm joy, i write. It’s all that smog rules,
No true grin , what do you hide behind?
You hurt? You hide your burning pain, I write
I see your naked body and scars and wound
Yet,got a beauty in you, an eternal beauty
Unkind wildfire and human vices, fatal autumn air make,
Barely any sweet tale verandah wall holds lately,
Not every spring full moon night brings down fresh joy
Hold your breath , I say to the men
Help me , find me some true mirth in the savannah
They don’t embrace the harshness in the heat
Some springs, and fresh water near : Yes?
They get back, nothing but delusion,
Cold-blooded brute I see, blood they drink,
Water too, flesh they eat, and greens
When to die, Sir?
Soon? – As, we’re all standing at the verge of
Eternal despair and extinction.
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