Sunday Poem By Shahid Abbas

” The Pain”

Our tears will never stop
I ask you
Yes you

Are you the man who feels the pain of that old man in the street
Wearing rags
His face speaks of a hard life
Strife, hunger and thirst his companions

Lacking the beauty of innocence of youth
His eyes are dry now
He has no more tears now
The crying days have passed
He readies for home at last

His body is worn
His heart broken and torn apart by endless injustice
Another friend daily accompanying him

Oh he used to care
Oh how he placed total faith in the self described leaders
Failures at every turn

He exorts
Pay attention!
Believe less without proof
Words are meaningless without acts

I cannot write about the pain of others
Only my own
My eyes do not deceive
I hear the cries of the poor
See the struggle of injured spirits
forgotten by governments long disbanded

It’s our land
I implore!
Do not destroy it
Honor it as
Nature protects her own

This is a test of your behavior
Toward all God’s creatures
Great and small…..

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