Poetry – Rudrapriya Sen

One last song

Hush my darling ! You dare not cry !
The evil Queen is waiting, I don’t know why .
So trust no one and be prepared ,
For the people you trusted, will forget that you cared.
The Queen,with the thirst of blood returns
But we have hope till the fire burns .
She will eat you, kill you, before I know
The more I plead her, the answer will be ‘no’
Oh Queen of the dead ! So scared we are!
Flee from this place and go somewhere far !
Stop the torment, we can’t live no more
Oh ! Why didn’t we defend her ,a long time before ?
The people of the kingdom drowned in fear
They don’t have the courage to come near.
As I, the Queen, stand beside your bed
Whispering this song right inside your head.
I will eat you,kill you before one knows
And you will disappear as the time flows…
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