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Sunday Poem/Quote Poem By Rejuan Sardar

Darkest Hour —

My burning desire on scattered pages,
In the dead end, of the night’s stretches,
It’s arms towards my unending agonies
And I’m of none but to ask my queries.
All those written on it, stop not to say;
And spreads my heart ache that I pray,
To consume me with its amorous lie
And to liberate myself I’m unable to fly.
Tempting me with its amorous proclaim
That ceases me someone to blame.
And when no one is there to ask me on
How I am destroyed and left all alone.
Many sleepless night alone I spent crying,
None but my friend, night, held my praying.
ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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