Sunday Poem By Kunal Roy


Every dusk,
I relax,
Yet –
The vision is clouded,
With the tears of sorrow!
The anguish intoxicates the soul +
Tearing it apart in me!

The anguish doubled ,
This hour,
Marked the Father’s Day,
An ideal,
An inspiration,
That bade me farewell,
Decades ago!
Strength was crippled,
The bouts of depression,
Forayed my soul –
An usual twist was felt,
An unrestrained vibration –
Blessed with a killer instinct!
Memories still tease the brain cells,

I garlanded his old picture,
Removed the cobwebs,
The pangs intensified,
As reminded of his spouse,
Mother of mine!
Paradise lost,
Paradise will never be gained –
A loss,
An eternal separation!
The tantalising waves,
Dash against the shore,
Break into tiny droplets,
Break my heart,
Every moment,
Every time!!

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