Sunday Poem By Rejuan Sardar


Pray, I, you to be nocturnal visitor,
To adore me like the moon’s to the lake!
Reflecting your grandeur over the meadows,
In similar the moon-shine kisses the river breast.
I’m of reliving my warmness in gloomy forest,
My gasping breath will be diluted.
Silence of echoing heart continues to grow,
While the blue mists unveil your pretty face.

Upon my glittering eyes, to rebuild,
To re-dream of pondering of my heart
To get in touch of your tempting, bare chest.
To be consumed by our deepest yearning,
To lose all my uneasiness in your praise.
Your curves of erotic unwrapped waist,
So delicate and mesmerizingly intriguing,
That my whole conscience devastated in a moment.

Rather, I not prevent myself to be doomed,
In your shallow eyes with deepest desires.
To be consumed by the flame of adornment,
Of your charming blue eyes;
That Cupid has captivated our souls in heavens.

Oh Lord! Stop us not today, I pray;
Of being ingurgitated by our desire.
The anatomy are mating in the blue mists
And the souls to mate in Heaven.

Millions of years not enough to contemplate,
In adoring my beloved with rest;
And to be veiled by embrace of our souls
Kissing your undraped agonizing breast;
Under the blazing stars, into the solitude,
Pray, I, you be my Nocturnal Visitor, every night.

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