Women’s Issue Feature Poem By Sangeeta Sharma

A Reality-check!

No more is a woman-writer
Doomed or an individual crazed
No more has she to hide her art
Through pseudonyms
Or in other books

Mere poetry she no more produces
But also essays, diaries and novels
A sentence she breaks
When she wants to
Not because she has to attend
To other errands
As the second-sex.

Today multitudes of women are earning
And they do have a room of their own.
But do they have
A share in maternal property?
Yes! But only in the law-books
Ground-reality differs.

A male-companion’s shoulder
To rest her head at?
Or a child in her arms
To satisfy her mother-instinct?
Not always as by the time
Women become self-sufficient
They have outgrown
The marriageable age.

They now have props
To satisfy
Their libido
They lack the desire
To be an angel in the house

The ‘new’ woman
Wants to earn, splurge and enjoy
Adventure is not a word
To classify men alone

Time is to rethink
And reshuffle the binary oppositions
By the end of the second decade of the 21st century!

ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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