Sunday Poem By Rudrapriya Sen

To My Seniors

I remember climbing up the stairs, everytime during recess,
Just to see my seniors, and their bright, confident faces.
I always wondered what it would be like to be in your place,
Would I ever keep up with your rapid pace?
Our eyes would shine with wonder and awe,
As we saw you achieving perfection without any flaw.
I must obviously thank you for the example you have set,
You showed us how to be brave and over mistakes not fret.
It was wonderful to learn so much from you,
Knowing you all has been a gift for me and my friends too.
We have had a good time, learning from you all,
Thank you for showing us to get up when we fall.
As a person young in experience and also in age,
You have shown us to be spiteful and not to leave blank any page.
I know I can’t say much, but I wish you good luck and I wish you well,
For the bright days you will have in future, as I can surely tell.

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