Poetry – Dr. Piku Chowdhury


Voices in the head resound
They will talk and guffaw loud,
At every sombre pretension
They sneer and smirk in unison.
I try to argue, drown their sound
They jump and ride a fluffy cloud
Zoom across the fuddled mind
Mocking every act of grind.
They would flash strange myriad lights
Frivolous in their frequent flights,
Faces around so distort then
Cunning, green, and funnily vain.
The world is too much or they insane
Making cartwheels amidst pain,
Pricking bloated balloons and bubble
Of sympathy, faked concerns noble.
Sometimes I just join them too
Ride the winds with an inward chuckle,
My solemn visage they prod in fun
As sinews shiver in secret giggle.
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