Poems – Piku Chowdhury

The Desert

Perhaps it requires a Chataka’s thirst
For the healing rains to drop from heavens
Even Beatrice waited atop the rugged hill for her beloved to reach-
It took the desire of Meera’s parched soul or
Radha’s teras for the Lord to descend
In immortal love every heart would beseech.
The vast stretch of molten gold
With an ocean of thirst instilled
Remains the human wait for grace
And timeless love fulfilled.
The pristine yearning of sun blanched soul
Embodied in the golden grain
Remains an intense wait for love
that redeems the soul and heals all pain.
Chataka: A bird that is believed to wait for the rain to drink water..i other times it keeps looking at the sky with parted beaks
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