Poems – Nadeem U Rehman


I am a human being.
I am the peak of all evolution.
Don’t cage me in names,
In races,in religions,in castes.
Please don’t tie me in
The ropes of cults,of isms.
I am beyond all comparison,
I am unique in my every colour.
My food is love,my sustenance
Care,empathy and affection.
I delight in the happiness of others,
I revel in the joys of all.
I get saddened when hearts break,
I weep endlessly on the sufferings.
Of all life forms,all the time.
Throughout history,I have been
Tortured and tormented,
Mangled and battered
By the pangs of war,of battles.
By tribulations of greed,of hatred.
Let me breathe in freedom
And let me be free to live,
Free to choose,free to relax.
At liberty to nurture the seed
Of human love,human greatness.
Rid me of all covers,all shackles.
I am a human being,a spirit
With no beginning,no end.
Embarked on a journey of ages.
I am an embodiment of love,
Love for all humans,all creatures.
Past the limits imposed on me.
I am agelessly divine in my marrow.
I am miniaturized divinity.
Treasure me,value me,love me.
ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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