Sunday Reflection By Madhu Sriwastav


The sun shines bright
no matter what
There may be clouds, turbulent storms and heavy rains
The sun always shines
no matter what

I remained joyous after baba left
to the care of maa in a big family
My little sis, too little to understand
My brother in his own world
Maa always worried and pestered to keep going on
Brother did his bit too
For the rest of the family I was a thorn
they would only be glad to remove
I kept looking up like a sunflower to the skies
and drew the strength to grow and smile
My friends were good
studies I enjoyed
My teachers remained unaware of my malaise
for a sunflower never droops
My bright smile camouflaged all the darkness within
I kept marching on with gusto and belief
Then came along an enchanting butterfly
Spreading its colours into my life
Magical his words, fragrant his body
Mesmerized I followed it yonder
to unknown terrains I wondered
It took me over the blue mountains and vales
Together we caressed the moonlit lakes
My feet got wet in the sordid darkness
I seemed to be stuck in the soft sticky mud of his ways
The butterfly slowly changed shape
It turned dark and dreadful
I was afraid, felt lost and like a fool
I looked up but couldn’t find the sun
The sun that always shines
No matter what
I realised I was in a cave
The light at the mouth seemed to close
I am lost in this darkness that has engulfed!
Alas the sun didn’t shine as it does always!

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