Sunday Poem By Lyn Ramos V Alfonso

For I Have Promises To Keep

For three scores and seven years
My life is as climbing a mountain so high.
I wish to view the world from the peak,
But everytime I can see
I’m nearing it, I would stumble and fall.
Great are the stumbling blocks to my goal.
And everyday is like walking in a tight rope.
But I have to go on
For I have promises to keep.

For I have promises to keep
I must endure all the adversities.
I must rise each time I fall
And bounce higher than before.
When times are tough,
When my strength is waning,
I’ll just close my eyes and pray,
To see the ray of light shining
That would give me strength to go on.

I know there’s a long long way to go.
Some days and nights may be dark,
But I’ll never quit
Till I see the shimmering light of a new dawn,
For I have promises to keep.
And when the merciful God
Finally reward my journey with success,
You’ll be with me
Wherever I may be, my beloved son.

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