Poetry by Looky P. Deka

Last wish

If you ask me for my last wish
It will be not to die – alone
I have not had a great life
All I did all my lifetime was
To strive for some food
Only to fill my empty stomach,
Some clothes
Only to kick cold,
A shelter
That too not to get wet in God’s shower
I have not had a great life
They raped me in the dark
I could not even see their faces
They tore my bottom up
I struggled
I cried in pain
But all went in vain
In the loud party music beside the sea
I knew not who my mother was
I never thought of my father
All I wanted was –
Some kindhearted beggars
To share their food
And some rugs
But looking at my afflicted existence
They even ignored spitting at me
I have not had a great life
Not a single dust belonged to me
The only thing I had was
A fruitless life;
Not even a bit useful as those wild weeds
Those are also sometimes fed to rabbits
What an august life I had!
I had no childhood
No adolescence!
No youth
All I had was a torn womenly bottom
A starving heart
A why so sane soul
And an existence equals to non existence
Not a straying dog cares if I die
All this worthless life
I had one huge dream –
An end to this life.
Last few months
He sitting above may has been preparing
For this great great task
Hence disabling me even to move
Oh! What a good thing the universe
is going to onlook
In my last minutes
If you somehow feel my being,
find a great worth in me,
do come and ask me my last wish
I would ask you –
Will you die with me?
All this life I had no one
To look at my eyes
Or to say mine
The only wish I have is
Not to die – alone

(Dedicated to an unknown girl I saw in the footpath of Park Street, Kolkata)

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