Women’s Issue Feature Poem By Gayatri Devi Borthakur

My functionally illiterate mother

My mother hasn’t gone through the ‘Second Treatise of Government ‘.My mother is functionally illiterate,you know .She so, isn’t familiar with John Lock too, alphabetically.

“Oh ,my child! Stay safe,always ..”–this is the only summary of her worthy Treatise .’Oh thee ! my child be prosperous.. “–the ever enchanting verse of my functionally illiterate mother’s classic.

Freedom of woman,rights of woman–these critical topics of cross-questioning
goes crossing the simple and easy going soul of mother of mine .But can draw Ahalya,Draupadi,Arundhuti in the deep corner of her heart .Visualizing the abduction of Sita in the local village theater trembles who is that my nameless river..

In the seen bosom of my mother is an ocean of necture .And the unseen is full of tides –of all the oceans .

My mother doesn’t like the festive like celebration of _Bijayadasami_ . The slogans of woman’s day
Irritates her.A woman is worthy to be worshipped!
Starvings of a woman –listen who will, or
She is the idol of depression
–My mother doesn’t have any idea,it’s true.
From her birth is one thing is pushed in her mind
“A woman hasn’t independence of her own.”
Always should be under the surveillance of man. Manu–the seer also gave the needed support.

My mother doesn’t have time to think ,’Who is worthy, “The bottle gourd or it’s leaf.
She doesn’t consider it as a matter of concern .
My mother is functionally
illiterate ,as you know..

Being ordinary,mother is extra ordinary
”Be bold for a change..” never will say
To what extent she may suffer,will suffer.
Today and ever,
Oh ,my functionally illiterate mother…!

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