Moods, Moments আর প্রেম – বিন্দু By Laksmisree Banerjee


Your lotus scent is touching
My body —– the golden embers
Of your lotus pain, still in my psyche
Pervade the miracle of life.
Those golden lilies are unfolding
Deep within my silent core.
My soul bathes in the fresh softness
Of your bouquet of luminescent love.
Yesternight it rained in slanting shimmers
Of pouring radiant blue silvery waters.
I heard your singing lyre in disbelief
And on my burnt horizon I saw
Your moonlit red revolution while
My heart rhymed with that far murmur
Of your mellifluous cool ripples drawing
Me into this whirlpool of your concord.
Even now my blood, my cells, my being
Is ripening in this heavy flowery aroma.
My skies are now indolent in apocalypse
With your lotus smell of a dream worship

A host of shell-whites are shedding love-full
Petals in my soul soaked in your symphony.

Your world in my little seraphic world is
Entwining me in this lotus-hued moment
ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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