Poetry by Kunal Roy

The Song of the Soul

The midnight hour,
The moon was clung to the cerulean sky,
Star spangled night,
The breeze was an enchantress,
Spoke in a voice,
Sunk below the whisper,
Words of Love:
Taught the gestures of seduction,
Bound the souls invisibly,
Made the hearts beat-
To the unalloyed rhythm of love!
My lips were shut,
Down in imitation,
The breathe of yours,
A salvo to the heart,
That aches and craves
For your tender arms,
For your warm embrace,
For your killer appeal,
For a soulful content!
Your touch ripped through my heart,
The fingers summoned,
To enjoy the moments of fragrance,
Love appeared,
A distant ship of the world,
Silently you disappeared,
Splitting the anguished soul,
Burning the tears in eyes!
I trembled to the feet,
Shook to the other end,
Of the cosmos!
The vision broke,
Shattered the present,
Questioned eternally:
Was it love?
Was it closeness?
Was it a broken fragment of life!!
ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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