Indeed They are indispensable! (International Friendship Day) – Kunal Roy

Let us be honest there. It is known how important a relationship is in our life. Relation that cements the bond between two souls, comprehends their tales, shares their grief and showers in the eternal cascade of ecstasy! The moment the first ray of the sun plants his kiss on one’s eyelids, the bond takes its root and gradually matures into a tree blessed with the verdant foliages, ripened fruits, amorphous branches, tender twigs and a cool shade acting as a salvo to the aching hearts!
‘Friendship’ is one of those priceless gifts endowed on us, that chiefly comprises the elements of love, trust, affection, embrace and above all an intense desire to stand by in the hours of distress and disappointment! It is worth mentioning that the day was introduced by Joyce Hall with an aim of adding an extra dimension to the crown of our earthly bonds! Ipso facto, this Thursday we are going to bask in the glory of celebration throughout the day! Ranging from morning greetings to a warm hug to a plan of visiting a nearby location to a home party to a booking of seats in Barista for two cups of brewing coffee accompanied by the hearts to pour over! With hopes in mind, the birds will twitter in the open blue sky, the gulls will be viewed screeching on the shore of the blue sea and the clouds will once more be chased by the nuggets of sunshine! A day with a difference is awaited with aplenty enthusiasm and ceaseless vivacity.
      However, in the modern context, the concept of “Friendship” has undergone a sea change. The presence of true friends is seldom discovered at this very hour. Trust is shattered and the “fair weather friends” seems to be a prevalent trend today. If you have the silver bucks, people would come to pat your back! On the other edge, a paucity in your bank balance will surely flunk to fascinate them to your nest! Con men and imposters in the name of this bond hover around! Awareness is the order of the day. Nevertheless, the cycle of life remains incomplete without them. Laughter, fun, frolic, anguish , tears, sacrifice and separation will exist forever. We need to pluck enough prowess to put up with such a chain of emotive vibes. The lanes and the bylanes will always be witnessing the bewildering criss cross of moving lights and shadows.And the shadows are to be eschewed and the lights ought to be chosen to reach the desired destination, no matter if the gushing winds play through the branches and the torrential rains disrupt your path as you struggle to move ahead!!
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