|| Remembering Pancham Da || By Kunal Roy

You were brought,

under the tutelage –
of your father,
taught you
the essence of music,
the soul of eternity!
Time whispered by,
you mature,
learnt the instruments,
played the role
as a leader of the domain!
Your advent,
a blessing –
to the listeners of time!
A change in crescendo,
bred a revolution.
Smashing hits,
hummed by the fans and followers.
Recognition came,
success touched the tip,
stood out of the crowd –
to make a difference
to the lyre!
Rejoice and Melancholy
found a different path to tread.
Modernity crept into –
deluged the world!
The time anew,
your special day,
Decked up with festoons,
decorated with delicacies,
candles are lit,
blown off –
by the mouthful of air!
Not hemmed in –
by the poor mortals,
the angels
of the Seventh Heaven!!
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