|| MEN WILL BE MEN || By Kunal Roy

MEN WILL BE MEN: An illusion or reality?: A View on the International Men’s Day

The World takes the privilege to celebrate the International Men’s Day in a pompous manner on 19 November every year. This is something unique by nature as all the wings of UN have not embraced the codes of celebration of this day! Yet there is no one to follow nor bother what others opine on the masculine gender. The belief ‘Men will be Men’ holds strong despite all odds!
But the question at the corner of one’s mind is whether such an assertion is a reality or an illusion before us. Being a male figure, even I too at times find it difficult to figure out the essence of such a statement! Men’s identity is scattered everywhere. You can discover his presence in father, brother, son, son – in- law, boy friend, husband and the list is simply endless. In fact so many roles he has to play to prove his worth before the feminine. And this is what really turns him haughty and arrogant. The male chauvinism stems from the penis envy, which repeatedly showcases the harsh truth of being in the ‘active’ position all the times. He doesn’t wish to admit that a ‘process’ cannot be deemed to be complete until both the positions complement each other and there is a presence of love and care as well. Moreover, this occasion has taken its root from the celebration of International Women’s Day, 8 March every year. A different date for a different category of celebration is a must story to make the weaker sex realise , ” We too have a date like you to celebrate! ” Is it a deliberate intention to undermine their identity or an attempt to indulge in a shameless hypocrisy? Ironically the answer lies within, but we like to remain blissfully ignorant of it!
The social fabric composed of two genders. And therefore it is not quite unnatural to value each other and comprehend their assigned roles by the society at large. But it is still a ‘paper tiger’ as men love to celebrate the occasion among themselves in a well furnished, big room of the office mansion by blowing out the candle, cutting the rose dipped chocolate cake, smear the cream on each other’s face as a token of mischief and hugging each other to add an extra dimension to the day, displaying their sheer indifference to what the females think, show and react!!

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