Poetry by Kunal Roy

The Return of the God

The battle was fought,
The victory was evident,
The stolen spouse was rescued,
The purpose was resolved!
The journey of fourteen years-
Completed with triumph!
The time ripened,
For you,
For the Lord,
For the God.
A journey back to the soul,
Auspicious Ayodya,
Which you abandoned-
To keep the promise of your beloved father!
The crowd never wished you to abandon-
Yet the destiny knitted the threads of her choice!
You left,
For a cause,
For salvation,
For dharma!
The days in the hut,
A matter of past,
The Present is here,
A Swan Chariot-
Served the God!
You returned,
No royal attire,
No royal gesture,
The token of sacrifice-
Was still the part of your radiant soul!
You dismounted,
Your lotus feet was touched,
Deluged the streets and the mansion!
Lights were lit,
Diyas were prepared,
Darkness was dispelled,
The Royal City,
Wore the Royal garment of Yesterday!
The songs were sung,
The hymns were chanted,
The dance was performed.
The flowers were sprinkled,
The rose water was smelt.
You sat on the Kingly throne,
With brothers and wife around!
The Lord’s Seventh incarnation you are,
With bow and arrow,
With a naked feet on the studded rostrum!
Vishnu descended on the earth,
To reign,
To teach,
To prepare the world for tomorrow!!
ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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