World Human Rights Day


Something you are born with,
Yet refused to be acknowledged,
By the norms of the society-
Having own set of rules,
Forcing you to follow,
No digression,
No budging!
Your position is stagnant,
Like the pools of rain!
You shout for your honour,
You shout for your credit,
Yet unheard!
The scream left unnoticed!
Beaten up,
Smeared in blood-
In filth and grime!
Nails ripped off,
Grilled you are,
Infinite time-
sans mercy,
sans humane!
The World granted your wish,
The struggle remains ceaseless!
Tolerant enough,
To put up with the tyranny,
Refuse to give in!
The soul gains strength,
Every moment,
Every day,
For sustenance!
The Day is here-
A purpose to serve,
A lesson to teach,
A love to embrace.
But in vain:
In absence of soulful delight,
In absence of heartfelt gratitude,
In absence of true humanism!!
                                       – Kunal Roy


ফেসবুক দিয়ে আপনার মন্তব্য করুন
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