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Defying the norms of the conservative society, Tagore portrayed her women characters in his works. His women are powerful, chance takers and never back out from proving their mettle amid the social constraints!
Tagore was a matured individual who knew the ways to bring forth the strength of this segment of society. He left no stone unturned in achieving his goal. He shouldered the onus to prove his point, broke the conventional barriers and reached his destination. However, the most interesting matter is they are very much relevant at this hour!
In “Chokher Bali”, Binodini is an inauspicious widow. Despite the grey shades of life, she doesn’t embrace her destiny. She never compromises with her sexual desires. Yet she does a lot of work for the socio – economic upliftment of the women at the end of the novel. She feels the necessity of education to tide over every single problem coming on the way. On the other hand Charulata, his famed woman is solitary and seeks solace in the arms of his brother – in – law. She nurtures a special feeling for him. Shows her intense interest in music. A contrast is depicted between Charulata’s husband and her brother -in – law! Charulata is caught between the horns of dilemma. Her turmoil gives the author a chance to rediscover the soul! Labonya in “Shesher Kobita” acknowledges her love for Amit. But they are not united in the novel. This really reminds us of one simple truth that if two people love each other they should not enter a wedlock! Love desires freedom. Wedding chains this beautiful emotion. True lovers never want it to happen!
Tagore’s short stories are equally appealing by nature. Infusing all the essential ingredients of a good short story, the author penned some of the best short stories in his life. Chondora in “Shasti” is a powerful woman. She shoulders the responsibility behind the death of Radha. Abject penury, social obligations and a sense of latent melancholy enforced her to take such a desperate decision. Still she emerges as the victor. She embraces death. But her husband and brother -in – law would burn in the flames of punishment till the last moment of life. In ghost stories Tagore had shown how the soul comes back to avenge the injustice. Here his woman is supernaturally powerful! His women reign the veins of the earth and beyond the earth in the accepted sense of term.
Women had always been an inspiration to this bard. Be it Victoria Ocampa or Ranu Mukherjee, his bond with them aided him to connect his culture with his creativity. There were rumours that he had a clandestine affair with them. There are many spicy stories which still afford to focus on this typical issue. Keeping such stuff at bay, he marched ahead of times. The complex and intricate relationships have made his works reign supreme!
Times have changed. But his literary accomplishments have not suffered the perfect onslaughts of time. We are not certain of the fact if the women of the present tense have read him or not. Yet he is still a driving force. An unfailingly inspiration to every class of the fairer sex!
It is his birthday. Celebrating in some other parts of the universe may not be a big deal. But showing reverence to him and his women ought to be our prime motto. After all the world of an artist is deemed to be complete in the flawless blend of reality and fantasy!!

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