The Legend turns 87 Today. Wish you a Warm Happy Birthday Ashaji!

Sharing the same blood with her elder sister Lata Mangeshkar, the nightingale of India, Asha too emerged as a versatile singer whose musical career spanned over six decades, enthralling the audience from eight to eighty without showing any fluctuation in her performance! She has always remained a close figure to the people’s psyche. The Goddess of music perhaps refined the ethos through her mellifluous voice over the passage of time!
 Born on 8th September, 1933, Asha began to show the traits of a great musical genius, but her voice usually matched with that of her sister. And this was something she did not want it to happen as she firmly believed that no body in the industry would give her chance to become a playback singer if she pursued a shrill and high pitched voice like that of her sister. Thus she decided to develop a voice of her own within the frame of the same gharana. She gave her voice a completely different colour and texture to make a difference in the whole story. Recognising ‘this difference’, eminent music director OP Nayyar gave her the first break in the movie ‘Naya Duar’, 1952. A musical hit and she did not have to turn back! Had worked with most of music directors to create a few peppy and stunning numbers like “Piya tu Ab to Aja”, “Raat Akeli Hai” and many more. Her immense talent also saw a new height in Tollywood. Had sung hundreds of songs to add comfort to the anxious mind and tired sinews. In 2006, she stated that she had sung more than 12, 000 songs in her career. But her fans surely believe that she had sung more than she simply stated!! Winner of innumerable awards including the civilian ones, Asha always wanted to give something more, something different to her audience to avoid the status of boredom!
    If you desire to show the difference between Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle, think again. Both are singers. Their voice has written the history of our culture and civilization. Their voice still mingles with our echoes. Their voice has shown the true essence of style and diction. But it is the greatest irony that Lata is the undisputed Queen of melodies. Her voice is the gift of nature. She has been unmatchable and inexorable throughout. No other vocal rendition is as sweet and flawless like her. But Asha Bhosle has always carried a different approach, a different attitude towards the audience. She may not be like Lata, but the velvety voice will always remind us of the solitary reaper who sang among the hilly tracts of Scotland and inspired the poet to script those immortal lines:
        “The music in my heart I bore
          Long after it was heard no more”
                                                                                       -Kunal Roy


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