National Happiness Happens Day: A reason to explore the natural delight amid the ambience: A VIEW (Based on 8th August) – Kunal Roy

The calendar is dotted with innumerable events. Some are noticed, some are not noticed and the rest are ignored for obvious reasons. The cascade of celebration flows through even the perforated layer of the human psyche, that always looks for a  natural fountain of elation! However, this path of delight is disrupted by our daily irritations. Anxiety, dejection, petty jealousy , trifles over naive issues often see the light of the day. And motivation and mutual trust often take a back seat as they fail to survive in an environment which sings the note of pessimism!
Once Jawaharlal Nehru pronounced with solemnity : “Peace is not the relationship between two nations. Peace is the condition of mind. Peace comes to only to peaceful people”. The words of our first prime minister in the independent nation are simply undeniable. Moreover, the significance of such terms are fresh today as they were hundred years ago. Happiness dwells in peace. Tranquility fetches a sense of comfort to the traumatic soul. In fact there is a close connection between happiness and simplicity. The more simple you are, the more happy you become. On the other hand, one should not confuse pleasure with happiness. Pleasure is ephemeral. It is like the chocolate which melts in your mouth into nothingness. Happiness operates on a uniform key. It is neither sublime nor discovers a place at nadir. It is neither the Himalayan apex nor the foot hills where the tired travellers rest before making an uphill journey anew! Strange enough to note that individuals cannot make out the essence of happiness. Preference to chase the dollops of pleasure is given, despite all odds!
It is natural on our part to ask where this code of happiness can be discovered! Happiness will walk up to you, if you deserve it! The social relations, the presence of friend’s company, pursuing any hobby of our choice, listening to any favourite tune or a simple share of ideas and thoughts can surely serve the purpose! But the best which one can get is in one’s smile, twinkle in eye, the sunshine flooding your room, the cool rain drops adding a verdant colour to the nature or the chirping of a small bird which manages to sit on your window!  There is no dearth of origins, but a ‘myopic vision’ might spoil the intended effect !
Happiness is as free as air. It is never confined within the four walls. It can also be at your work place. A little adaptability and a slight diplomatic attitude should be your sole concern. All the survival tactics should be known to avoid any kind of conspiracy hatched by your colleagues and other employees. The positive vibes will always keep you alert of what is happening around!
To bring the whole discussion to a comfortable end, it can be asserted with aplomb that happiness is always based on situation. If the situation carries a positive outlook, mouthful of ecstasy is there. But the entrance of an iota of negative vibration can darken your soul, turning it into a ‘dreary desert sand’. A hawk eyed vigil ought to prevail to keep ourselves happy. Restraining of any situation is not in our hand, but a whole hearted approach can make your day, always!!
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