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Name of the Book: Glimpses of Indian Languages.
Author: Avik Gangopadhyay
Publisher:Evincepub publishing- Language, Arts and Discipline.
Price: INR: Rs 400
Communication is not only an integral part but also one of the hyped words of our culture.It enshrines a multitude of experiences, actions, events, happenings and a lot more to cater a different taste to our mundane existence. In its simplest terms it gives birth to human relationship, involving two or more individuals to share their own thoughts and views in different phases of life. And this art of communication takes place through the potent medium of language and its allied factors. Language is the vehicle of human thoughts and actions and there is not a single day spent where the all pervasive influence of language is not discovered by us. Language always accounts for its universality, but strange enough to discover that this very quality of language accompanied by its tendency of changing with the times and limitless variety of uses, language can be interpreted and looked at in many distinct ways!
Thus there was no such definite book to satisfy the surging curiosity of the language lovers!
But this time things have changed as the world of language and culture has been enriched with the book penned by a personality who has devoted a span of more than two decades on the study, research and introspection of language, its myriad variety and contribution to the development of our culture with the passage of time. Eminent author and columnist Avik Gangopadhyay has explored the various genres of art, literature and music in his entire career span of more than two decades. But the focus has always been on languages.
The reason is obvious. His journey through the realm of his chosen domain has produced many milestones, keeping in mind the urge and the unfazing interest of his target audience. “Glimpses into the Indian Languages”is an attempt to excavate the ensconced treasures hidden under the earth for millions and millions of years. The author through his inevitable creation has put forth the “eternal truth” that it is the changing nature of any language which accounts for its sustenance over the period of time. A large number of languages have evolved, influenced us and disappeared over the passage of time. The reasons are ample and hence the book shares all the details pertaining to language and language only. It is interesting to note that the cover of the book is written in Devanagari script, catering an Indian touch to the mass! The book is divided into seventeen chapters, each dealing with a particular aspect of his favourite domain!
At the very outset, the author has talked at length on the infancy of the languages like Ancient, North Indian, Central and West respectively. In other words an umbrella of languages and their definite traits have been discussed throughout. Following the author’s extensive research and understanding of ancient times have enabled to delve deep into the matter to approach, explain and demarcate them into various categories. Interestingly the mention of scripts, their pivotal role in the formation of languages and the respective dialect development are some of the eye catching areas in the accepted sense of term! Gradually the author moves into the contemporary times and attempts to figure out the reasons behind the existence and extinct of various languages of our country.
It is worth mentioning that the concept of “language holocaust” and its following remedy has occupied an important place in his studies. Moreover, the use of statistics, techniques and resources deserve a special mention here. The language is simple yet effective in justifying the clarity of his subject which is blended with historical elements to make the whole matter fascinating, informative and of course interesting. Afterall a language establishes a close connection with our soul, the very essence of living!

India is a land of culture and religion. Unity in diversity is a notable factor here. But they will not exist properly unless language interferes to breed a complete picture for us. The author’s book is synonymous with the much famed encyclopaedia where you can find everything related to language. But you need patience to savour the delight running through the common thread of the book. A must read for all and sundry!!

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